Our Story

Jeannie B. Cidel, LLC is a company owned and operated by Jeannie & Johnny Cidel, a Haitian-American couple, who established the JCidel brand, a luxury handbag collection, in July 2016. 

As a child, Jeannie learned to use her skills and gifts by observing and assisting her parents in their entrepreneurial pursuits.  

She pursued a professional career in the education sector but after losing her job as a science teacher, Jeannie rediscovered her gift in fashion where she conceptualized the JCidel brand.  She began sewing clutch purses with open-source textile canvas supplies and started selling her creations before offering them in an online marketplace but could not find more uniquely designed and high-quality fabrics to fit her vision.  

On-the-other-hand, Johnny Cidel maintained an entrepreneurial track from his earlier days landing a job in Retail while in college.  He later discovered his passion in business management while managing luxury condo buildings in the Southeast Florida region where he developed a keen sense of the exclusive and luxury lifestyle.  This extensive experience helped shape his entrepreneurial skills and provide creative direction to Jeannie’s vision and curation of the JCidel brand.

They traveled throughout the United States and abroad to Italy in search of fashionable artwork.  Through countless hours of research analytics, they discovered fine art that inspired their imagination for luxury handbags and ignited collaborations with distinguished award-winning Artists.  Now Jeannie & Johnny are helping fashion lovers elevate their style and confidence with JCidel’s bold and exquisite collectible fashion handbags derived from fine artwork.

In addition to designing trendy and vibrant walking art pieces, Jeannie & Johnny plans to create a foundation and collaborate with high schools in urban communities to bring awareness to entrepreneurship.  The foundation will provide college scholarships to high school students affording them the opportunity to live out their dreams.