jeannie cidel

Born in Miami, FL USA, Haitian-American Designer Jeannie B. Cidel’s early childhood years were filled with wonder as she navigated her love for bold colors, abstract art, geometric shapes and exquisite fashion. She had a fascination for these elements of art and a vision for an avant-garde fashion concept.

Jeannie had a creative imagination beyond her years and would often walk with a sketch pad to doodle fashion styles she longed to create. She used placemats, metal netting, burlap, and rattan webbing found in her home to make clutch bags and created her own abstract art by painting bold colors onto blank canvas material.

Jeannie rediscovered her gift of designing and handcrafting clutch bags following the 2008 Great Recession and put her creative talents to work. However, she could not find high-quality fabrics or distinct artwork to fit her vision. This led Jeannie on a journey to search out high-quality textiles and signature works of art from distinguished Artists to fulfill her imagination for an exclusive, timeless and posh handbag collection. She ignited collaborations with world renowned Artists: Roberto Alborghetti, Darryl Schiff and Fu Wenjun for their inspiring and iconic works that goes beyond traditions.

Jeannie is now fulfilling her vision by elevating the styling of fashion enthusiasts with JCIDEL’s daring and quintessential handbag collection that transcends cultural norms.